Cigars and Alcohol Pairing

Cigars and Alcohol Pairing

Pairing cigars and alcohol is always an excellent idea — you can enhance your smoking experience and enjoy your drink much more when it’s paired with the right companion.

The nuances of flavors from each draw or sip can create an intensely delicious experience on your tongue and is a truly divine experience in your cigar journey.

Whether you are new to smoking or a connoisseur in the world of cigars, pairing with alcohol is something you need to try at least once.

Best drink types to pair with cigars

When choosing the ‘best’ drink, you must remember the main reason for the pairing is to make the most of your experience. Ensure you don’t overcomplicate it to the point where the flavor is no longer enjoyable. If you are unsure of where to start, following a flavor wheel can be useful for pointing you in the right direction.

However, an essential thing to remember is that one flavor should only partially overpower the other. The second thing to remember is they should taste good together. When choosing your pairing, if you keep these two things in mind, you’re sure to enjoy your pairing experience.

We’ve picked out some of best drinks that can be paired with cigars for you to enjoy.

Rum or bourbon

Perfectly matched with a full-bodied cigar, rum or bourbon can be the perfect drink to pair with your smoke. A full-bodied cigar unfolds itself in several ways without being too overbearing or heavy. Cuban rum is the perfect taste companion for a strong cigar.

However, bourbon is always a safe option if you’re offered a drink while smoking a cigar and have no idea of the nature of the cigar or the labels behind the bar.

Wine and prosecco

Pairing your cigar with wine can allow you to refine and perfect the experience of tasting your chosen cigar. In this world, we have plenty of wines to choose from, but only certain wines can pair perfectly with certain cigar styles.

When choosing a heavy-bodied wine like bordeaux or sweet port wine, you may opt for a strong cigar from Nicaragua. White wines like chardonnay can pair well with a milder and more light-bodied cigar from the Dominican Republic.

Prosecco and white wine blend best on the palate with a mild cigar. Full-bodied wines such as merlot can perfectly match with sweet smoke.

If you prefer a more robust, darker cigar, your drink choice is better to be a solid red wine like a cabernet.

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer

Throughout the summer when the weather is nice and hot, sometimes the best thing to do is kick back with a refreshing beer. This can also be a great time to enjoy your favorite smokes.

Beer carries the same rules as wine — mild cigars will always pair nicely with a light beer. Whether alcoholic or non-alcoholic, the drink and cigar flavors will complement each other to provide an enjoyable flavor. If you wish to pair a beer and cigar together, we recommend a slightly stronger smoke with a spicy aroma if you drink dark beer with higher malt content.


Cigar and whiskey together is a popular and well-known cigar pairing option, as shown in various films and TV alongside the other popular choice of bourbon. The highland single malts go hand in hand with a full-bodied cigar, and Scotch is also an excellent choice if you are smoking a solid cigar. When it comes to Irish whiskey, your medium-bodied cigars are a great match. If you open for a strong whiskey, this also complements strong cigars.

Best cocktails to pair with cigars

When it comes to cocktails, this is a familiar but very bold choice, simply because some cocktails have specific flavors that bring out different qualities in cigars. 

The best cocktails to pair with cigars are hard to narrow down as everyone has a different preferred flavor profile. However, there are a few cocktails that you can enjoy alongside your delicious smoke. 


The sweet and sour of an ice-cold margarita is an excellent choice for pairing with a powerful stogie. Pair a margarita with a full-bodied cigar — something peppery complement to your tangy-tasting drink. 


Mojitos are a great and refreshing complement to the warmth of a tasty smoke. Mojito is a delicious rum-based concoction that can pair perfectly with a Cuban cigar. Experience fresh flavors of mint and lime juice to complement a lighter smoke. 

Vodka martinis

Generally, Vodka alone does not pair well with cigars. However, the strength and depth of a vodka martini can really bump this spirit up and be an excellent match with a warm smoke.

Drinking while smoking tips and advice

When you drink and smoke together, it’s all about your taste preferences. The kind of drink you enjoy may not match your preferred cigar choices, so sometimes you must compromise to follow the general rules of smoking and drinking together.

People quickly assume this won’t be as enjoyable when it comes to cheap cigars. However, when cheap cigars are still blended with the same delicious flavors, add a drink into the mix and you’re bound to enjoy your cigar and alcohol pairing — providing you do it just right.  

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