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Do smoke eliminating candles work?

Smoke eliminating candles are an excellent invention smokers are incredibly grateful for. 

When you first begin smoking cigars, you may start by smoking only outside the house, on the porch, in the garden, or even inside a cigar lounge. While those locations can be a great setting for cigar puffing, sometimes you can’t quite beat the comfort of being at home. 

Sadly, the smell of cigars is not appealing to everybody, and you may not want your home to smell like the local cigar lounge. This is why candles for smoke odor exist. They can resolve your issue right away. 

Why does tobacco smoke linger?

The smell of tobacco smoke is made of water, oils, and ash, which settles on surfaces and sticks to your clothing. It’s an overpowering, and in some cases may even be a sign your cigar has gone bad.

When you smell residual smoke particles, they are attached to the walls and other surfaces in the room where you smoked. This is why traditional candles aren’t a practical solution to removing the odor. 

What are candles for smoke odor? 

Candles are used for various things, such as setting the mood, freshening up a room, masking unwanted odors, or, in cases like this, eliminating the smell of smoke. Candles are available in multiple shapes, sizes, colors, and scents to cater to various purposes, occasions, and preferences. 

Cigar night with your buddies is the perfect time to light some candles and add ambiance to your location.

If you’re new to smoking cigars, you may not have heard of smoke-eliminating candles.

Smoke eliminating candles can burn for up to 70 hours and be lit before, during, and after you smoke cigars. A smoke odor candle is more effective than a traditional scented candle, and we suggest following our guidance on how to eliminate cigar odor

How do smoke eliminating candles work?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of a smoke eliminating candle, you may not be aware of the difference between a smoke eliminating candle and a normal one.

When the smoke eliminating candle is lit, it releases enzymes to absorb odors from the surroundings. These enzymes break down the odor’s compound structure and evaporate the by-product as clean, natural gas.

During the evaporation process, the gas picks up the product’s scent. It releases the fragrance into your home to exterminate the odor and replace it with a pleasant fragrance for ultimate freshness. 

How to use smoke eliminating candles

We’d recommend adequately ventilating your home to ensure any leftover smoke can leave, and there won’t be an accumulation. 

Another way is to thoroughly clean the floor, furniture, and surfaces after you’ve smoked your cigar. 

As mentioned, it can be lit before, during, or after, but it can also be lit 30 minutes before you light up your stogie. However, burning a candle for more than four hours produces excess soot, so avoid leaving it on too long. 

We also recommend clipping the candle wick regularly. Doing so encourages the candle to burn a smaller flame, and ensures the candle is safe, as it will produce less soot and smoke. 

Best candles for smokers

A smoke odor candle is more effective than a traditional scented candle, as it works to remove the odor rather than simply mask it.

Traditional scented candles are appealing as they can change the ambiance of a room to be cozy and improve your mood. However, they don’t eradicate the smell, so the best candle for smokers is an odor-eliminating candle. 

These specially formulated candles are available in various scents, with plenty of options to suit every smoker. Smoke eliminating candles are essential as you can enjoy your fun, clear up, and keep the house smelling fresh and clean, like nothing ever happened.

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