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How to store cigars without a humidor

If you’re new to the world of cigars, you may not know the best place to store them.

As a rule, a humidor is the optimum place to store cigars. But you may sometimes find yourself in a situation when storing them in a humidor isn’t an option.

No matter the situation, proper cigar storage is essential to ensure your cigars remain in top-quality condition. Improper storage can lead to cigar problems, which you want to avoid.

All cigars need to be humidified, especially if your climate is too cold or too hot, which can cause your cigars to dry out.

Let’s explore how to keep cigars fresh without a humidor.

What is a humidor for?

Humidors were created to preserve cigars. They can support a stable humidity and temperature, ensuring that cigars keep their intended taste and construction even as they age.

A humidification unit usually creates moisture inside the humidor and needs to be refilled occasionally. Most humidors also carry a hygrometer, which measures the humidity levels and can help indicate when you need to add more water.

On the outside, a humidor is a wooden box with a lid that seals and locks in moisture to keep cigars humidified. Most humidors are made from cedar or feature a luxurious cedar lining, which helps preserve the natural flavors cigars carry.

A good humidor is undoubtedly the ideal choice for preserving the freshness and promoting the aging of your cigars. Still, it can be a significant investment for those on a budget.

On the other hand, if you’re simply on a trip away from your humidor, you may be looking for ways to preserve your cigars, and luckily, there are numerous ways to keep your stogies.

How to preserve cigars without a humidor

When you don’t have your humidor, there are plenty of accessible storage solutions you could try to avoid spoiling your cigar. The critical thing to remember is it should work if the storage container can be sealed shut.

Ziploc-style bag

Ziploc bags are a great temporary solution for cigar storage, as they preserve the cigar’s initial freshness. Maintaining humidity levels is crucial for optimal cigar storage in a Ziploc bag. Adding a humidity source like a Boveda pack is highly recommended.

Boveda packs are specifically designed to regulate humidity levels, ensuring your cigars stay fresh for an extended period. Place the Boveda pack inside the bag with your cigars and it will maintain the ideal humidity level of around 65-70%. This keeps cigars in prime condition, preserving their flavor and aroma.

Humidity pouches are also a great choice when using a Ziploc bag. These are available from most places, and you can choose different sizes and moisture levels. When storing your cigars this way, keep them at room temperature. Don’t leave them in a place where the temperature can change to extremes, as this could ruin your cigar.


Tupperware is a simple and affordable way to keep your cigars fresh.

Wet a clean, unused sponge with distilled water, place it inside a clean Tupperware container with your cigars but not touching them, and place the lid securely in place.

When opting for this method, you might need to cut the sponge in half to avoid too much humidity and accidentally spoiling the cigars. Adding a humidity pouch can also work for this method.


A cooler could be a longer-term solution..

If your cooler still has the lingering smell of raw meat from last week’s BBQ, your cigars will adopt this new flavor, so you must clean it in advance. A brand-new cooler is best to use, but a thorough clean with warm, soapy water and thoroughly drying with a kitchen towel works well.

While you can also use a sponge for the cooler if you plan to use it long-term or as a permanent storage option, it’s best to invest in proper humidification tools to help monitor your cigars.

Things to avoid

There are plenty of things you need to avoid when storing your cigars, as cigars are incredibly sensitive to their environment. Some common mistakes may seem like a good choice and ruin your cigars.

Here are some things you should avoid:

· Cigars are like sponges, absorbing what is around them. If possible, avoid storing with different-flavored cigars in the same place.

· Rapid changes in humidity or temperature can cause a cigar to expand or contract, leading to issues like an uneven burn, affecting flavor profile.

· Don’t wrap them up. Cigars should be left loose and given the room to essentially ‘breathe.’ This is a common mistake some smokers can make when a humidor isn’t available.

· Freezing your cigars can cause damage beyond repair and slow down the aging process.

A humidor is an optimal choice for preserving the flavor and freshness of cigars. However, there are various accessible alternatives for those without one. Whether using Ziploc bags with humidity sources, repurposing Tupperware containers, or investing in a dedicated cooler, these methods can help ensure your cigars stay in prime condition even without a traditional humidor.

Hopefully, this guide answers how to keep cigars without a humidor and can help you enjoy your cigars confidently, no matter where you find yourself.

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