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Cigar ventilation for indoor smoking

Are you dreaming of having your own personal cigar sanctuary to retreat to after a long day? There’s no better satisfaction than having a getaway in the privacy of your own home to enjoy a cocktail, check the score of the game, and of course, light-up a handmade stogie. Despite the effort and expense that goes into these basements, dens, and garages, ‘man-caves’ are becoming more common in the American household. So, if you’re looking to turn your unused space into a cigar room of your own, proper ventilation is an absolute must, and imperative to any quality smoking experience.

Sure, your private cigar utopia needs a cigar selection, dependable accessories and devices, and some lavish decor to reflect its chief resident. So not everyone puts ventilation systems at the top of their priority list when planning their renovations. Proper smoking room ventilation will not only increase the enjoyability of your smoking session, but is courteous in keeping the smell of stale, lingering cigar smoke away from your fellow members of the house lingering around the home.

The key is to circulate airflow. Use windows and exhausts effectively, to draw out smoke while circulating in new, clean air. It’s integral to invest in a system for help, to ensure fresh air is being brought into the room, instead of simply pumping back in the smoky air. But worry not- ventilating your cigar paradise doesn’t mean you need to allot a second HVAC system into your budget. There are plenty of ways to keep your den’s air clean without breaking the bank; just take a glance at some of these handy devices you might consider installing:


Most cigar lounges have pricy air purification systems installed that prevent smoke smells from lingering. You can do the same thing on a smaller scale by buying an air purifier. These purifiers use activated carbon to remove smoke and other smells from the air and are available at a variety of price points, depending on your needs and budget. Lounges utilize large purifiers due to the amount of space they need to compensate for, but a small purifier will ventilate your one-room lair just fine. You can find quality purifiers from notable brands like Whirlpool for anywhere from about $250 to $500. As with anything, heavy-duty, top-of-the-line devices will get the job done seamlessly, but could cost upwards of $1,200. If you’re room is especially small, or you’re on a stricter budget, try looking to a tabletop air purifier, would should only run you about $50.


You need to install some sort of exhaust system that can move the smoke from the inside to the outside. If you’re on a budget, a box-fan in a window is better than nothing, but one great place to start is an attic fan, for any above-ground room. These are easy to find and not terribly complicated to install. But most cigar rooms are regulated to dens, basements or garages, which means you’ll most likely need to install another means of exhaust. The power and flow of exhaust fans are measure by CFM, or the cubic feet circulated per minute. This means the exhaust fan you’ll be installing will be measured by the size of the room, and the general number of smokers. Both these factors can greatly alter the class of exhaust, so it’s important not to undercut or undermeasure. Once your new fan is installed, you can use simple fiberglass insulation throughout the cut to help redirect the flow of smoke out of the room.


If you’re going all-out, then an air handling system is the option for you. I won’t say it’s necessarily the best choice, but it’s a damn effective one. These systems work separately from your home’s HVAC system, and often include an electronic air purifier, and energy recovery ventilators. These specialized devices systematically circulate the air in the room, while simultaneously cleaning out smoke. For the most part, these systems cost upwards of $5,000, and will most likely stray from the #DIY attitude, requiring professional installation.

Surprisingly, other factors, like your room’s decor could very well influence your smoking room’s air quality. Hard surfaces, such as hardwood flooring and tabletops, are much easier to clean, and thus, absorb less smoke that’s prone to building up over time. Akin to this theory of implicating porous surfaces into your cigar den, leather sofas and chairs not only add ambiance, they’ll absorb far less smoke and orders than fabric upholsteries. With that in mind: opt for tile flooring, or linoleum tiling if you’re budgeting, to help decrease the retention of smoke and odors in the room.

Creating your own smoking den does require a bit of time and expense, but the juice will be worth the squeeze, as regulations on smoking in public become increasingly restrictive. It’s the dream of every cigar aficionado to have a place to smoke at home, the perfect cigar den where one can truly relax, and enjoy a cigar whenever you feel like it. So, we hope these tips will help you on your way, to creating a private cigar sanctuary of your own!

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