Can cigars give you a buzz?

Can cigars give you a buzz?

Many new smokers wonder, can cigars give you a buzz? The answer is yes. Smokers can experience a nicotine buzz, especially from stronger cigars.

The intensity of the buzzing sensation can depend on various factors such as the cigar size, the kind of tobacco the cigar is constructed with, and how fast you smoke it.

Some connoisseurs will smoke cigars purely for the buzz, with it enhancing the moment you finally get some time to kick back and enjoy a cigar.

If this is your first time smoking a cigar, you might not know what to expect. However, whether you smoke for the buzz or the taste, indulging in a delicious cigar flavor profile is always an experience. Let’s explore the buzzing sensation you can get from cigar smoking.

Do you get a buzz from cigars?

You might not inhale the smoke of a cigar, but the nicotine still reaches your bloodstream when you taste it.

Cigars are meant to be enjoyed by your taste buds and smoked slowly. Nicotine triggers the release of neurotransmitters in the brain and provides a dopamine hit. This creates a sense of pleasure and well-being and is what many connoisseurs describe as the ‘buzz’ in the cigar.

How long does a cigar buzz last?

When you smoke the cigar, your body will begin to process the nicotine, which is then converted into cotinine (an alkaloid found in the leaves of the tobacco plant) and thoroughly broken down.

The nicotine that gives you the buzz can last until you metabolize it, which can take around two hours or more. Notably, cigars have a much higher nicotine content than cigarettes and other tobacco products. The buzz varies from person to person — for some, it can hit fast and last a long time. It all depends on the chosen cigar and your metabolism.

Tobacco tolerance

The buzz you can get heavily depends on your tobacco tolerance. If you only smoke now and again, such as on special occasions, you’re more likely to experience a buzz from your cigar than someone who smokes a few times a week.

Your tolerance for tobacco becomes much greater when you’re a regular cigar smoker than it would be if you didn’t smoke at all. Generally, cigars are enjoyed for the delicious art of tasting notes and not so much the buzz from it, but those who space out their smokes will still experience the tingling sensation.

Cigar size

Plenty of cigar lovers can enjoy a variety of shapes and lengths of stogies, and a bigger cigar can make for a bigger buzz. If you’re smoking a bigger size, consider how you’re going to hold the cigar and if this would be comfortable at your smoker level.

Factors to consider include whether the cigar feels comfortable to smoke and whether you enjoy extra intensity from thicker ring gauges. When choosing your cigar and the occasion you want to smoke it, consider how much time have you to smoke it. It’s always essential to choose the right cigar so you don’t end up rushing or not managing to finish it.

Smoking speed

If you’ve ever been rushing to smoke a cigar, you’ve likely crossed between the buzz and feeling nauseous. Cigars are supposed to be smoked slowly. If you rush to smoke a cigar, you may get sick or not enjoy the authentic flavors of the cigar, which would defeat the whole point of smoking in the first place.

Do cigars get you high?

If you’re wondering about the buzz you get from a cigar and if it may give you a high, the answer is no. Cigars don’t give you a high — if they did, they would be illegal and not suitable to be smoked or sold as they are in the US.

The buzz you can experience from smoking a cigar can provide you with a temporary boost of energy, but it’s as legal as drinking a cup of coffee.

Cigars are a delightful experience and something you can indulge in by yourself or socially with your closest friends and family. Nothing beats kicking back with your pals to enjoy a tasty smoke and experiencing a great buzz around good company.

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