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How to properly draw a cigar

We strive to provide the highest level of cigar knowledge for all the connoisseurs who may be visiting our pages. From the seasoned aficionado, to the next-gen smoker, who’s still developing their palate and love for our business, we’re here to make every one of your smoking experiences the best you’ve ever had. But if you happen to be that new adult smoker, we first welcome you to the fold, and hope you’ll allow us a moment of your time to talk about how to draw smoke on the flavorful cigar they’ve chosen.

Choosing your cigar

So, how do you draw smoke? The first step to enjoyment is to make the right cigar selection. Pick a cigar that’s best suited for you. Choose a cigar that will allow you to draw easily and revel in the blended nuances of the smoke. While most physical Tobacconists may offer a wide range of cigars to choose from, a sometimes-overwhelming variety shouldn’t become a variable that detours your from finding what’s best for you, and you alone. Vet your purchase, or ask for advice from someone who may be able to recommend something, based on both your smoking experience, and preferences.

Choosing cigar Accessories

Next, you’ll need to accessorize, even if it’s through association, and find yourself a reliable cutting device, and a steady flame. A simple double-guillotine cutter makes a fine choice, is it will cleanly and efficiently snip the end of the cigar for you, with little exertion or know-how. Next, you’ll need to light up, with a match, or preferably a jet-flame or torch lighter. Place the uncut end of the cigar in your mouth, then hold it in one hand just above, not yet touching the flame. Begin to gently puff on the end of the cigar as you slowly rotate it thoroughly around the flame. A good burn won’t ignite immediately, so keep the tip in the flame, and continue puffing and rotating your cigar until there’s a visible red glow on the end.

Now that the basics are out of the way, and you have your cigar going, you’re finally on your way to enjoying that cigar selection. But your level of enjoyment is only as good as your draw, so here’s where we’d really like to help.

Pull, Circulate, Push

There’s two great methods you can implement when cigar drawing. The first is something I like to call, ‘Pull, Circulate, Push.’ To begin, gently pull on your lit cigar with a pucker, and breathe in slowly to draw the smoke out. Hold the initial breath of air while you savor the notes of your stick’s profile. These flavors are subject to change throughout the course of the smoke, creating a distinct experience in each session. Circulate the smoke from the front of your mouth, across your palate and back out to your lips. Once you’ve found your rhythm you can adjust the size and duration of your pulls, but be careful not to inhale the smoke. Simply enjoy its aroma and use the air you initially breathed in to exert the smoke back out from your mouth.

1-2-3- Method

If that practice doesn’t seem to be agreeing with your burn, you can execute another popular drawing technique, known as the “1-2-3 method.” This involves taking (you guessed it) three systematics puffs to regulate the burn of your cigar. The first two pulls should be strong, but short, with the third being long and solid. If properly implored, the oils within the foot of your cigar will effectively heat up, and permeate for the duration of your smoke.

Holding the cigar

With your stogie burning desirably, hold it steadily to reinforce the even burn. Avoid holding the cigar at any downward angle for prolonged periods. Ash will build up, but it doesn’t require the need to frequently flick it off end of your smoke. Let ash accumulate on its own, as it will better conserve the strength of your burn throughout the remainder of your session. If you happen to use an ashtray to set it down, make sure it’s properly balanced by placing the body within the thickened grooves. If your cigar does go out, re-light it in the exact manner you had previously, but out of etiquette, don’t put the cigar back to your lips to do so. Gently hold the cigar between your thumb and index finger, and slowly roll the scorched end back within a flame to get it going once again. Once re-lit, follow the exact drawing methods to return your smoke to all its glory.

Savour the smoke

Be sure to continually pull in enough smoke to thoroughly experience the cigar’s inherent complexity. But remember- never, ever inhale! Instead, simply savor the smoke with the above techniques, then blow it out. Properly drawing a cigar takes a little bit of getting used to, but practice will only make perfect. Once you’ve mastered how to draw a cigar with proper exhalation, each cigar you smoke from there on out will inevitably be only more enjoyable. Each puff will be sure to invigorate your senses, and your appreciation of each cigar’s profile will only increase, tenfold. With just a little practice drawing your stogies, you’ll be well on your way to proper cigar smoking like a true aficionado.

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