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Cigars to smoke whilst reading

Cigars and reading make the perfect pair. While these two leisurely pastimes have little in common at first glance, there’s something about holding a good book and smelling the pages that stir the same emotions as smoking a great handmade cigar.

Let’s take a deeper look at why people love to smoke cigars while reading (or why people love to read while smoking cigars if you prefer to think of it that way around), some of the best cigar books, and our pick of the best cigars to smoke while enjoying a good book.

By the end, you should have some great ideas to make a start on your home library bar, combining some classic literature with a well-stocked humidor so your favorite books and cigars are never far from reach.


Pairing cigar smoking with other hobbies and interests is common practice among tobacco enthusiasts. Many cigar reviews will recommend a food pairing, an alcoholic drink, or even a coffee variety to try alongside a specific cigar.

So, it’s not a stretch of the imagination to pair a cigar with a book. There are some common features between the two: the tactile sensation of holding a cigar or a book, the papery tobacco leaves and the book pages, the aroma of a vintage hardcover versus the heady retrohales of the cigar.

The perfect pairing of cigar and book can transport you to far-off places, create new landscapes inside your head, and take you on a journey from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Whether you prefer paper books or a Kindle, classic literature, or modern self-help titles, there’s a publication – and a cigar – to suit you.


Cigars offer a surprising variety of flavors. Some are sweet, some earthy or woody, some peppery hot. It’s this unique flavor profile that helps each blend to stand out.

Put all of those flavors together and you have the cigar flavor wheel, the universe of tastes and aromas that spans handmade cigar. Learn the main flavor groups on the wheel and you can start to build your home library bar based on the best cigar scents to accompany a good book.


For obvious reasons, woody cigars are a great start. The flavor of oak or cedar will combine perfectly with the smell of a physical book, and can make a great substitute if you prefer to use an ebook reader and miss the scent of the pages.


Leather is a very tactile scent, bringing to mind boots, saddles, and automobile upholstery. It’s also an excellent choice if you prefer to read older books, as many vintage hardcovers are leather-bound.


This one is perhaps less obvious, but cocoa, chocolate, and coffee aromas are all ideal companions for a book. Think of times spent in a mom-and-pop coffee house with the latest page-turning bestseller, and a hot beverage by your side.

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