A guide to cigar tools for novice smokers

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A guide to cigar tools for novice smokers

Cigar tools are an excellent investment when beginning your smoking journey. There’s a lot to learn when you’re just getting acquainted with cigars, from the best way to cut and light your cigar to choosing the best tools to make the most of your chosen stogie.

Whether you are new to the wonderful world of cigars or a seasoned smoker, you may be aware that you need certain cigar tools to ensure an enjoyable smoke. Cigar tools like cutters and ashtrays are smoker necessities, and having your own makes your smoking experience easier. Let’s explore the many smoking accessories to help you find out what you need to add to your collection.

Cigar cutters

When smoking your first cigar, you need a cigar cutter to cut off the small section of the wrapper. This is known as the head, which is covered by a cap, and it needs to be cut. If you don’t cut the cap, the cigar will be impossible to light. 

The aim of using a cigar cutter is to create a smooth opening to allow you to smoke without damaging the careful construction of the cigar, which will tarnish your smoking experience. 

Do not use any random knife or scissors when cutting your cigar — they won’t provide a neat, clean cut to avoid damaging and unraveling the wrapper.  There are three different types of cigar cutters — straight, punch, and V-cutter.

Straight cutter

The straight cutter is also known as the guillotine cutter. If used with enough speed and strength, it gives a perfectly even slice, cutting open the foot of the cigar.

Punch cutter

Instead of cutting or slicing the end of the cigar cap, this type of cutter punches a small hole into the end of the cigar. The smoke of the cigar is drawn through this hole, allowing for a neat drag.


A V-cutter removes a small wedge or V-shape from the tip of the cigar instead of removing the whole cap and is useful for cutting through thicker-gauge cigars.

Cigar lighter

A high-quality lighter is key to having a delightful smoking experience. To properly light a cigar and get it hot enough to smoke, you can’t just use a standard lighter or match. Instead, you need a powerful torch lighter that can lightly toast every thickness of cigars.


Smoking a cigar is bound to create a mess, especially when tapping off the ash. Ashtrays are for keeping your house, clothes, and furniture clean when smoking cigars.

Ashtrays are also great if you need a break from smoking and want a safe place to sit your cigar. Some have a little cigar rest where you can set it down between puffs without worrying it will roll off the edge, damage the cigar, or tarnish your smoking experience. If you start smoking regularly, invest in a deep ashtray that can hold all the ash you accumulate.


Once you discover your smoking style, preferred cigar taste, and become a regular smoker, it’s an excellent time to invest in a humidor. These are an essential accessory for all cigar smokers and assist you with caring for your cigars.

A humidor is a box, that is usually wooden or cedar-lined, with a humidification source inside. Using a good humidor to store your cigars will keep them humified until you’re ready to smoke.

Storing your cigars at 70 degrees or 70% RH (relative humidity) is essential for preventing them from drying out or becoming overly moist. When a cigar dries out, you can experience cigar problems such as cracks and dryness. Should the cigar become too wet, you can experience a spongy texture that is difficult and unpleasant to smoke.

Cigar carry case

Investing in a cigar carry case is a good idea if you’re constantly on the move. When traveling with your cigars, store them in a sturdy cigar holder to keep them safe and prevent damage.

Cigar cases are often small leather pouches that can hold a few cigars, although the exact number can vary depending on shape and size.

Cigar holder

Cigar holders are great if you enjoy a game of golf or do some yard work while smoking. The holder grips your cigar so you don’t have to put it down or risk it falling to the ground. A cigar holder will nicely clamp on to something while lining up your next shot on the green, making it an excellent investment for multitasking.

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