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How to buy cigars for someone else

Any occasion is better when someone chooses to buy cigars for that special someone, whether it is a colleague, a spouse or a father-in-law. A stogie can make a great gift, but not just any stick will do when trying to make a good impression. There is no need to spend a fortune on a smoke when there are value priced sticks that can provide a premium experience available at any smoke shop. Someone looking for a gift should figure out what the recipient likes and then tailor any decision around that preference.

How can the purchaser decide what their favorite aficionado prefers?

If the recipient is a close relative, it is usually easy to find an ideal stick by taking note of what they normally indulge in. If the person in question is a boss, employee or other acquaintance, asking subtle questions will provide some useful clues as to their personal preference. Chat with the recipient and ask their opinion on strengths, flavors and favorite manufacturers. Take a mental note and then go shopping for their gift. This research will go a long way when deciding to buy cigars of a particular strength and flavor.

Should a box set be purchased, or is it better to go with some singles?

A box of stogies can be a lot of fun and keep the smoker satisfied for a long time. However, most buyers like offering some variety to the recipient of the gift. A high quality sampler set or box, or a few different singles can really excite the recipient. Remember that a single high quality stick will make a much better impression than a box of lower end smokes.

What if the purchaser doesn’t have any way of figuring out what kind of stogie is preferred?

Trying to buy cigars for a novice can be tough. Stay with a long stogie, as the longer the smoke, generally, the smoother the flavor. Thicker sticks will also be mellower than those that are thinner in girth. There are numerous exceptions, but it’s a good rule to follow when shopping for someone else. Be sure to purchase stogies that have 100 percent tobacco, because not all of the available offerings have pure filler.

Want to buy cigars, but not sure where to get the best quality for a decent price?

Avoid grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations. The quality available is inferior, and the stogies will be too stale for any smoker to appreciate. A local specialty shop or online merchant can provide ample options for the buyer. Another reason to visit a tobacco store or online reseller is for the professionals that are usually employed by these places. They will be knowledgeable and helpful when it comes to narrowing down the perfect choice.

Deciding to buy cigars as a gift is a classy choice. Win the appreciation of the smoker by handing them a high quality stogie, and keep your wallet happy by picking out a value priced stick that doesn’t skimp on flavor.

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