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Do I need a cutter for cheap cigars?

When stepping into the market of cheap cigars, you may ask yourself — “do I need a cigar cutter for cheap cigars?”

The short answer to this is yes.

If you light up a stogie, whether it’s a cheap cigar or the highest quality smoke you’ve ever purchased, it’s essential to use a cigar cutter to ensure a precise cut and smooth burn.

If you don’t cut the cigar before lighting it, you’ll struggle to get a decent draw out of your stick (unless it has an open head). If you’re not sure what is meant by cutting and preparing your cigar, you may need to review how to prepare a cigar for smoking to give you a better idea of how to enjoy your cheap smokes. If all you need right now is a quick guide on cigar cutting, we’ve got you covered.

Do I need to cut the end off a cigar?

If you are new to the world of hearty smokes, the main question you are probably wondering is why cigars need to be cut. The reason is that, if the head is not cut before lighting, you will find it impossible to smoke the cigar, as air will not be able to pass through.

At first, through cutting your cigar, it may seem like an inconvenience to have the head cut off. However, cigars are designed this way to help hold the cigar together before it is lit.

How to cut a cigar without a cigar cutter

Sometimes when smoking cigars, you can find yourself in a situation where you don’t have your cutter to hand. In the event this happens, and you can’t wait to light up, it’s time to get creative.

Do I need a cigar cutter or can I use a knife?

The most obvious option for cutting your cigar would be to use a knife from a nearby kitchen. However, you must ensure the knife is sharp before you try cutting, as you will risk causing damage to your cigar, ruining your smoking experience, and wasting your money.

Can I just poke a hole? 

There are other ways to cut your cigar, including poking a hole in the cigar head. It’s very simple to achieve this — just poke a hole using a paperclip or pin, and you can slowly insert the pin into the center of the cigar head.

This method is to be done very carefully, as going too fast or too far will risk mangling the head of the cigar. Make sure you poke about an inch or so into the head of the cigar. If you do it just right, it can create a nice central draw and assist with providing an enjoyable smoke. 

What about biting? 

Biting is a very old-fashioned technique and has been seen in some iconic movies and TV shows. However, as convenient as it is, this technique is the least effective, as you can risk ruining your cigar completely.

However, if you are in a situation where you have no choice, you should be able to use your teeth to bite down on the cap. Back in the day when this was common practice, cigars were cheaper, durable, easily disposable, and not quite the fantastic quality standards we have today. While it might save you in a pinch, this technique is something you should avoid where you can. 

Can I just use scissors?

Scissors, although not the ideal option, can get the job done in the absence of your cigar cutter. When using scissors, you need to remember that they apply pressure from both sides of a cigar, and this never happens evenly. Avoid cutting deeply into the head and aim to remove just the tip. It may not be the perfect cut, but if done right, you can have an enjoyable smoke.

All carefully constructed cigars need to avoid the risk of cigar unraveling before and during your smoke. If you are having trouble have a look at how to light and smoke your cigar. Cigars need to be cut to be enjoyed to their fullest potential.

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